All About the Theater

There are many fans of the theater throughout the country. It is one of the oldest performing arts and most popular art forms to this day. People who go to the theater are exposed to some of the greatest performances and stories that mankind has ever offered. There are stories of fantasy, love and great trials that are expressed in the realm of theater and it continues to draw in big crowds. There are touring productions that have some of the biggest names in terms of story and performers which reach across the country in major cities. In recent history, those titles have increasingly included Disney themes and other popular stories.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Classic productions from the streets of Broadway and its countless theater productions have also made their way to these touring productions. From time to time a new theater production will come to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. These are usually some of the top productions which draw in very large crowds. They are played out in casinos and other grand venues day in and day out. Jean Elaine Leveque is a big fan of the theater and she enjoys taking in productions from throughout the spectrum. The big productions that travel around our great, but she also enjoys local theater houses and the great local talent which is one of her favorite things to support through her patron ship and continued attendance. She is the product of a performing arts school that focused on this affinity for all things in performing arts.