Being a Great Mom

Being a crate mom means many things to many people, but at the end of the day is important for the child to perceive that their childhood is one that is productive and develops children in a way that is effective at lesson feel safe. Some others are quite doting and tend to every need that their children have. Some might consider this style to smother the children, but every parent has their own reasoning for why they do things their way. Other mothers are very hands-off. They allow children to experience the world in a way that gives them the room to ask, explore and discover.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Where occasional guidance is the prevailing act in the rearing of the child. Regardless of where in that spectrum of child raising that a mother sees himself in, there is little doubt that at the end of the day that when an adult looks back to the childhood that they had, they should know that the mother was always interested in the highest benefits to their children. Jean Elaine Leveque is the mother of three young girls. She is also a busy technology marketing professional that has to strike a balance between her career and home life as her husband is also a professional in the field. She encourages her children to explore all they can while correcting them on the basics of right and wrong and using their best judgment. This was the product of her own upbringing in which she was devoid of having an active mother in her life.