Therapy is Not Just for the Crazies

While the media may often portray mental health therapy in a negative light, there are many benefits to receiving counseling at different times in your life. Too often, those seeking therapy feel stigmatized; they feel that only those with serious mental health issues should participate. This, however, is not true at all, and no one should be embarrassed or ashamed for seeking therapy. In fact, they should be respected for getting the help they need. Therapy has can be beneficial even for the smallest of issues to work through as it provides a safe environment for a person to talk through their problems.

Jean Elaine Leveque

People may go into therapy for many different reasons. Whether it’s to help deal with an addiction, harmful thought patterns, a traumatic event, or simply just have someone to talk, therapy can be extremely beneficial. All licensed therapist are required to uphold confidentiality unless the patient confess that they have a plan to harm themselves or others. This means that all other things said in therapy will not be shared or repeated. Therapy is also helpful because it provides a third party’s view to anything you may be working through. Many find that having someone not involved in their daily life to talk to makes it easier for them to share things they would normally keep to themselves. Therapy can also help you work through some more serious issues and give you a better perspective of the world and yourself.

Jean Elaine Leveque is a small business owner and mother of three children. She firmly believes that therapy can help a number of people at whatever place they are in.