Jean Elaine Leveque – Three Keys to Successful Marketing

Jean Elaine Leveque has been working with many companies throughout the Denver area and beyond develop marketing initiatives that have led to market success for companies large and small. Leveque has created solutions for her clients by helping them create these three keys to marketing success:

Jean Elaine Leveque
Jean Elaine Leveque

1. Have a target audience in mind. Jean Elaine Leveque works with companies to define and research their target audience. Every business should have its own ideal customers based on who their products appeal to the most. Developing a marketing plan that will work with the allotted resources depends almost entirely on how well the plan engages with those within the company’s target audience.

2. Integrated advertising. No matter how much of a web-presence a company has, all of their marketing materials, including Internet-based ads, have to be completely integrated into the company’s marketing strategy. Jean Elaine Leveque has helped many companies develop integrated marketing materials that all carry the same message across all media.

3. Media consciousness. This refers to the use of different media to carry marketing materials. Facebook posts highlighting a new product have to presented and packaged in a way that makes them appealing to Facebook users. Tweets have to be modified to work well on Twitter, and so forth. All of these elements have to be created with care and careful attention to the medium they are being presented upon.

Jean Elaine Leveque has been working with companies to craft the smartest, most effective advertising and marketing materials designed to create success within each of her clients’ target audience.